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Carl I. Johnson
(704) 957-9108

Carl I. Johnson is the owner and managing director of Line of March, a historical consulting firm that specializes in offering historical technical consulting to the film industry as well as historically accurate military costumes, equipment, and material objects for film production, museums, historical sites and living history organizations. Carl has been selected for major projects with such organizations as the Castle Carlisle Regimental Museum in the UK, Historic Brattonsville and Magnolia Plantation. Samples of his work can also be found at many North Carolina state historic sites. Carl is currently the historic design consultant for the reconstruction of Historic Fort Dobbs, a French & Indian era heavy timber block house located in Statesville, NC. Recent film projects include Battle of Kings Mountain, sequenced at the Upcountry History Museum and Fort 96 National Park, an educational film.

Carl’s long-term contributions to historic and military preservation includes 20 years of involvement in living history, public history programs and the reenacting of time periods ranging from the French & Indian War to the major conflicts of the 20th century in locations extending from Northern Florida to Quebec City and all points in between. Carl is a founding member and CEO of The Company of Living Historians, a non-profit, multiple-time-period living history organization with the goal of recreating military regiments of the American Revolution, Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War. More specifically, the organization researches and recreates the uniforms, weaponry, equipment and cultural materials of the 7th ROF, the 4th ROF -The King’s Own, and the 2nd Iowa. Carl is also a member of the Ft. Dobbs State Historic Site Living History Garrison.

Through his significant involvement in historical preservation, research and living history, Carl has developed a significant insight for the common man’s military experience and has amassed a compelling collection of uniforms, equipment, weaponry and research materials spanning the modern age of military warfare with a strong concentration on the military material culture of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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